Caucus Funding Program

Integral to PDSA’s mission is the recognition that many CSSW students, through the organization and actions of caucuses, work vigorously to acknowledge and challenge systems of oppression within our communities. PDSA hopes to support and collaborate with these caucuses in an effort to build sustainable strategies for social justice work within CSSW.

In recognition of this work, PDSA has created a special funding program to partner and/or support Student Caucuses with their social justice programming. Through the PDSA Caucus Funding program, we will provide financial support to caucuses whose events, trainings and initiatives align with our vision and mission for the larger CSSW community. The financial support can range from $50-$200, depending on the event.

PDSA believes that intersectionality is at the core of meaningful social justice-related programming. We recognize that many layers to our identities are emphasized throughout our time at CSSW.  In 2014-2015  we are particularly interested in encouraging events that address components to identity that are not often discussed in our formal social work education. In an effort to expand the learning and growth of our community within identity development, we hope that CSSW caucuses will consider incorporating them into potential events. The themes are: disabilities, faith, gender identity, and political orientation. While we are especially interested in these themes, we welcome and encourage any and all proposals.

If you are a Student Caucus and want more funding for your PDSA-related event, please use this form to apply. Its easy and quick. We want to fund you!  Please note that applications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to an event.