Our Structure

The Organization of PDSA

PDSA Steering Committee

The training agenda for the PDSA is developed, monitored, and evaluated by a Steering Committee comprised of faculty, administrators (Field Education Department, Advising Department, and Student Services Department) , students, and alumni.  It is headed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  Tenured and non tenured faculty are appointed to the Steering Committee through alphabetical rotation.   Two graduating student members are hired through a competitive application and interview process. The student positions are paid, 12 month positions.

The Steering Committee meets twice a year: April and November. At the April meeting,  the members of the Steering Committee identify the top areas for training that the PDSA will target in the upcoming academic year based on a review of data collected through the year.  The Steering Committee reconvenes in November to assess progress and adjust the training agenda as necessary.

PDSA Implementation Team

A smaller subset of the Steering Committee comprises the Implementation Team. The members include the Associate Dean’s Office and the two student representatives. The Implementation Team meets weekly to create, partner, and organize the training opportunities and events that will fulfill PDSA’s training mandate for the year. This often requires that two to three significant events (e.g., student panels, outside presenters, faculty development seminars, dialogue events) are concurrently being planned and/or provided. To do this important work of  the PDSA, the Implementation Team  draws upon the extensive and powerful resources available in the CSSW community.  Specifically, short-term and paid positions are created into which CSSW students, alumni, or instructors are hired. This allows us (a) to increase the number of community members who are involved in the shaping, creation, and delivery of these training opportunities; (b) to ensure that the focus and content of the trainings are relevant and inclusive of multiple perspectives; and (c) to demonstrate our respect for the work by providing meaningful payment.

Student Advisory Board

The CSSW Student Union partners with the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs  to place student representatives on all School curricular committees and the PDSA Student Advisory Board as well. The CSSW Student Union is responsible for recruiting approximately 10-12 students for the Advisory Board each year. The Advisory Board was created to ensure that there is a clear and strong student voice within PDSA’s work and to hold the Steering Committee accountable to it work. The Advisory Board generates ideas for new trainings based on their knowledge of student experiences in the classroom and at field placements and its members typically take leadership roles on many of the training opportunities and events. The Advisory Board is convened once per month by the two student representatives to the Steering Committee.